The Johnman Music Centre is surrounded by the last of the Old Cape gardens in Stellenbosch.

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Once common in Stellenbosch, these large gardens with fruit orchards and vegetable patches have been replaced by office and apartment blocks and parking lots.

Old pear trees, guavas, persimmon, apple, plum, citrus, mulberry and many other kinds of fruit trees have grown to maturity and support rambling roses and other climbing plants like jasmine and wisteria.

After a long period when the Trust could not give the Johnman gardens the attention they deserved, they are undergoing a complete renovation and restoration.  Great care is being taken to retain their unique charm and character and the planting reflects the development of the garden through many generations.  The garden is still flood irrigated in summer through the original leiwater furrows, connected to the Millstream, as has been done through all the past generations that gardened here.

Started and cared for by her two aunts, the garden was a passion and great love of Dorothy Johnman and her husband Charles.  Dorothy enjoyed the natural character of old fashioned roses climbing through trees and archways and saw the garden as a celebration of the senses.  It also provided her with material for flower arrangements at local music concerts.  She wished the garden to be used for the education of the children of Stellenbosch and we hope to be ready soon to share the garden through open days as well as welcoming school groups visiting the toy museum next door.